Calcutta House provides housing and other highly supportive services for people living with HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley region. The organization was founded by Mother Teresa's Missionary Brothers of Charity in 1987, a time when no effective AIDS treatments were available. Today under lay leadership Calcutta House operates two facilities in North Philadelphia that have a combined capacity to house 31 residents. Since its founding, it has served more than 600 individuals who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Calcutta House operates as part of PHMC's Health Services group, which comprises Specialized Health Services and Behavioral Health Services.

Calcutta House is the only program of its kind in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that offers housing, nursing services, rehabilitative, psycho-social services and life skills and development training to homeless individuals living with HIV/AIDS. One-third of residents come for the hospice service, the rest take advantage of recovery assistance and eventually become strong enough to live on their own with family.

Calcutta House's round-the-clock nursing and home health aide services assist residents, based on each person's needs, with daily living activities, consultations with medical providers, obtaining and administering prescribed medications and more. The organization's social services staff includes full-time social workers, life-skills counselors, addiction/recovery support staff and a consulting psychiatrist.

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