The Out-of-School-Time program provides after-school and summer programs to more than 20,000 Philadelphia children. In July 2008, PHMC assumed the role of intermediary for OST, which includes: reviewing provider applications and making funding recommendations to the City: contracting with more than 100 community based OST providers; issuing payment to providers; monitoring provider contract and programs; operating and enhancing a web-based information system that supports OST; reporting at the participant, provider and program level; and other key tasks for the City of Philadelphia.

On May 26, Mayor Michael Nutter announced the City's 207 Out of School Time (OST) sites for the 09-10 summer and school year opportunities, all of which PHMC manages. Over 20,000 of Philadelphia's youth ages 5 to 21 and their families benefit from the OST program.

For a full list of FY 2012 OST sites,
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