PHMC's Research and EvaluationGroup offers a broad range of services related to health services research, evaluation and assessment.The program areas and population groups we study reflect a broad-based public health interest and perspective.

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PHMC Center for Data Innovation

PHMC understands the importance of data for regional organizations that deal with health services, as well as its significance for policy and decision makers in matters of community health. The mission of the PHMC Center for Data Innovation is to expand on the existing Community Health Data Base and deliver data-driven results to improve the well-being of communities as a whole. Aside from the the rich Community Health Data Base products and services, the PHMC Center for Data Innovation will include additional capabilities for both nonprofit and corporate members in the Delaware Valley area. The PHMC Center for Data Innovation is designed to help health services providers, policy makers and communities target and measure the impact of their programs/initiatives. To measure community impact, the center will look at data needed at every stage of the program planning and implementation process, ranging from needs assessment surveys, program strategy and implementation based on needs assessments, community indicators of health and well-being and economic analysis and return on investment.

Center services include:

  • A geographic reach that extends beyond the Southeastern Pennsylvania region
  • Quantitative data collection through the Community Health Data Base (CHDB) and its biennial Household Health Survey, other targeted community surveys, and qualitative data collection including focus groups, key informant interviews and multimodal research initiatives that are integrative with and expand the depth of our community surveys
  • Community health needs assessments and community health policy studies
  • Technical assistance trainings on outcome measurement and logic models
  • Innovative online tools, data dashboards, web page applications, and enhanced online analytic capabilities that improve the accessibility and timeliness of information that the center collects
  • Collaborations with national, state and federal agencies as well as foundations to both inform and disseminate information

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