As the Managing Director of Social Services, Sara oversees PHMC's ChildLink and PersonLink programs and PHMC's relationship with state and City funding sources. She is responsible for program productivity, expense and revenue. PHMC has been lauded for meeting and exceeding standards across both programs. Since 1992, Sara has served as a dedicated member of the public health community, specializing in the needs of children and their families. Her expertise in this field and her tireless work in the development and management of program components ensure the efficiency, sustainability and growth of these programs. In the past, Sara held several leadership positions on the Philadelphia Interagency Coordinating Council (PICC), including serving as its co-chair. She also served as Board Member of the Zion Lutheran Church Early Childcare Program. During her time at PHMC, she worked with various teams to compile and disseminate information about the Philadelphia Early Intervention System at conferences and workshop presentations. She is currently a member of PICC's Transition-at-Three Committee, where she collaborates with the Preschool Early Intervention Program, providers, and early childhood community representatives to ensure a smooth process for children transitioning to the next stage of the Early Intervention System once they reach three years of age. Sara earned a B.S. in Biology from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia and a Master's in Nonprofit Management from Eastern University.