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CHANCES is an outpatient and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program for up to 100 women with children. CHANCES provides comprehensive therapeutic, educational, and support services, including parenting, adult education and family literacy. CHANCES also offers on-site services for children, including structured parent-child play, educational activities, and an on-site day care program.

The CHANCES FY2016 Annual Program Report is available for review upon request. To obtain a copy of the CHANCES FY2016 Annual Program Report please contact Angie Alomar-Gilbert, Managing Director for Behavioral Health Services, Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), LM 500, Lower Mezzanine, West Tower, 1500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. angie@phmc.org or 215-985-2500.


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Interim House West

Interim House West is a residential treatment program for women with substance abuse and mental health disorders and their children. The program serves up to 20 pregnant and parenting women, and up to 45 children under the age of 12. Participants are offered a range of comprehensive services. Services for children include an on-site clinical pre-school and after-school program.

4108 Parkside Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Program Director: Angelita Alomar-Gilbert

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