E3 Power Center

The West Philadelphia-based E3 Power Center, operated by The Bridge, an affiliate of PHMC, gives teens who have dropped out of school or are involved with the juvenile justice system new opportunities for education and employment training. The E3 Power Center, the Es stand for education, employment and empowerment - offers specialized services for young offenders through its "Welcome Home Center," which provides a variety of mandatory offerings to young offenders returning to the community from the city's six juvenile placement facilities. These include educational services, life-skills training, occupational/vocation skills training and employment readiness & placement services. The West Philadelphia location is one of five E3 Power Centers overseen by the Philadelphia Youth Network.

For more information about the E3 Power Center contact:

4111 Lancaster Avenue, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Program Director: Selena Tucker

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Family Therapy Treatment Program

The Family Therapy Treatment Program (FTTP) provides home and office-based couples and family therapy to clients referred by the criminal justice system, Philadelphia Family Court, and a wide range of behavioral health treatment programs. FTTP works to promote healthy family functioning, improve communication, and facilitate the reunification process after parents have been legally separated from their children.

1200 Callowhill Street, Suite 104
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Program Director: Colette Green

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Promises at Mill Creek Children's Acute Partial Hospitalization Program

Promises at Mill Creek is an acute partial hospitalization program for children ages 5 to 13 who are exhibiting emotional, behavioral and social needs that significantly impair their ability to effectively learn and participate in their home, school and community. Promises at Mill Creek provides each participant with psychiatric evaluation, consultation and medication monitoring; group, individual and family therapy; and care coordination. Our goal is to help participants and their families enhance their skills and strengthen their resources in order for the child to effectively transition to a lower level of care and have a successful return to their community school.

For more information, please contact Jacqueline Tully, Program Director, at 215-883-7095.

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