The DHS Parenting Collaborative (PC) is designed to utilize parenting education to reinforce supportive behaviors of parents and caregivers, enhance parenting skills, and to teach alternative approaches to child-rearing. The DHS PC utilizes evidence based parenting education to prevent child abuse and reduce the need for child protective service intervention. The DHS PC provides parents and caregivers with access to a variety of educational resources, including essential parenting methods, child development information, parental stress management, anger management and conflict resolution. This program is available to all Philadelphia residents.

DHS PC Referral Service Process:
Parents, caregivers, concerned individuals and agencies can call or email a request to the Referral Service Coordinator (RSC) who will provide additional information about the parenting education classes as well as identify and connect the individual to a parenting education program that matches the potential participant’s needs. Agencies that contact the RSC will be emailed a referral form to complete on a participant. If a parent or caregiver calls, the RSC completes the referral form and makes arrangements to place in an appropriate class.

The information below outlines all classes by location, CUA area, and target population (if specified, many are to the general population) served. The last section summarizes classes available to highly specialized populations throughout the city (such as hearing or visually impaired).

Parenting Collaborative Classes

For additional information about classes or make a referral please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (215) 825-8259