As a part of PHMC’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts, the PHMC DEI Governing Council has convened a series of panel discussions on diversity, inclusion and the intersection of public health.

Representing diverse leaders from PHMC and respected Philadelphia organizations, PHMC’s DEI panel discussions have covered an array of topics related to diversity and inclusion. We are pleased to provide recordings of each through our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion playlist and the links below. 

LGBTQ+ Youth in Foster Care: Fostering Nurturing Environments – July 2021
Hear from LGBTQ+ young adults who have been in the foster care system, a panelist who is a foster parent, and an expert on local, state and federal policies that impact the lives of LGBTQ+ youth and same-sex adoption processes.

Outlooks on Asian American Stereotypes – May 2021
Panelists discussed the history of Anti-Asian racism and Anti-Asian violence and compared the formal definition of Asian-American versus personal meaning and sentiment.

Growing Women Healthcare Leadership Positions – Viewpoints on How DEI Policy Can Help – March 2021
The panel examined how DEI policies can help remove obstacles women face ascending to healthcare leadership roles.

Racism As A Public Health Crisis – February 2021
Framing racism as a public health issue compels organizations and governmental units across the country to address the crisis in the broad, systemic ways that other threats to public health have been addressed over time.

With All Due Respect: Viewpoints on Multiracial Identity and Stereotyping in America – February 2021
Understanding that ethnic labels set the underpinning for general bias, the panel confronted the microaggressions toward multiracial people and communities.

Supplier Diversity Discussion: Large Non-Profit Impact on Diverse Businesses – October 2020
In recognition of Minority Enterprise Development Week, PHMC hosted this panel presentation for employees to learn insights on PHMC’s Supplier Diversity Program and why it’s important.

A Historical Perspective of Systematic Racism in America – July 2020
A Historical Perspective of Systemic Racism in America: Where do we go from here? This discussion explored ways to address systemic racism at organizational and national levels from policy, practice and program development perspectives.

COVID-19 in Context: Racism, Segregation and Racial Inequalities in Philadelphia – July 2020
This discussion gave a historical perspective of structural racism and how it connects to the present public health crisis.

The History of Black Music Month – July 2020
A celebration of Black Music Month, an event hosted by PHMC employee and radio host Tiffany Bacon.

Diversity, Inclusion and the Intersection of Public Health – June 2020
A discussion with leaders and partners from around the City of Philadelphia.