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Before 18-year-old Alex came to The Bridge-a PHMC affiliate that provides both long- and short-term residential programs for up to 35 adolescent males and outpatient counseling for children, adolescents and adults-he hardly knew anything about cooking.

Strategic Marketing & Communications for the William Penn Foundation

It can be difficult for nonprofits, and even for-profits, to find and effectively use the time and resources to develop a strategic communications and marketing plan. For some, creating such a plan and document presents a daunting challenge.

PHMC's Community Health Data Base's 2008 Southern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey found that in Philadelphia almost 20% of boys ages 6 to 16 are overweight and 33% are obese. These statistics suggest that regular exercise may not be the first thing on some teens' minds.

PHMC affiliate Resources for Children's Health (RCH) received one of this year's distinguished GlaxoSmithKline IMPACT Awards

Two years ago, participants in National Nursing Centers Consortium's (NNCC) Be Free From Nicotine, a six-week smoking cessation program, asked for a fitness and nutrition component. Elizabeth Byrne, manager of smoking cessations programs at NNCC, responded.