In March, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced that Pennsylvania will receive $9.4 million in stimulus funds for community health centers, of which PHMC health centers will receive $242,715 over the next two years. PHMC Vice President of Specialized Health Services Elaine Fox says, "This money allows us to provide Saturday hours at our health centers and additional staff at Mary Howard Health Center."

First Steps Autism received a $23,133 grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts. The National Nursing Centers Consortium's (NNCC) program will use the grant for capacity-building including gathering information on early intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders and completing a national scan of evidence-based research and practice.

NNCC's Asthma Safe Kids was awarded $81,847 from Keystone Mercy Health Plan to provide an expanded version of its in-home educational program to Keystone Mercy Health Plan clients in Philadelphia.
Independence Foundation provided a $30,000 challenge grant to NNCC's Students Run Philly Style to match new funders for its next season. The program also received a $1,250 grant from the Harold A. and Ann Sorgenti Foundation.

NNCC received a $50,000 grant from Independence Foundation, which will allow NNCC to respond to emerging policy issues and opportunities and to conduct original policy research on challenges and issues that present barriers to fiscal sustainability for nurse-managed health centers in Pennsylvania and beyond.

PHMC's Philadelphia Hepatitis Outreach Project (P-HOP) was recently awarded two grants from Roche Pharmaceuticals. P-HOP received $16,250 to purchase an additional 500 Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) antibody screening kits to enhance the project's HCV screening campaign in the Greater Philadelphia area and $20,000 to expand project goals and hire additional staff.

In recognition of National Women and Girls HIV Awareness Day, PHMC's Preventing AIDS through Live Movement and Sound (PALMS) project conducted "Young Sisters Take Charge, 2009," a one-day, community-based, multi-service HIV prevention education event targeting African American women and girls. To support this project, the Regional Offices on Women's Health of the Department of Health and Human Services provided a $2,463 grant.