Too worried about the economy to focus on nutrition, fitness and safety? Use these spring survival tips to maintain your health AND save money.


Spring brings with it a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Follow the example of PHMC affiliate HPC and City Harvest (see cover story): start your own kitchen garden! Even a single tomato plant grown during the course of the spring and summer season can save you money on your grocery bill. Check out the recipes using seasonal produce from HPC's Lynne Snyder here.


Spring and summer offer the perfect setting to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors while getting some exercise. Time spent exercising may help prevent chronic health problems in the future. When driving, park your car further away from buildings and give yourself the opportunity for a walk. You may save a little on gasoline as an added bonus. If you're a runner, sign up with PHMC affiliate NNCC's Students Run Philly Style program as a student mentor and get exercise while helping local teens achieve their goals.


This also is the season for bringing out walking shoes and bicycles to enjoy the region's recreation trails. However, pedestrians and bicyclists must stay extra alert when sharing the road with drivers. "Don't forget to wear your helmet," advises Streets Smarts' Donna Ferraro. If you don't have a helmet, check with your company's health insurance plan, many of which compensate employees for bicycle helmet purchases.