DIRECTIONS Summer/Fall 2009

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Research & Evaluation for the
Business Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise

Now, more than ever, funders want to see a nonprofit with programs that deliver clear, measurable results. But it can be hard for a nonprofit to decide which outcomes in a program are most relevant and how to improve the capacity to collect, analyze and present outcome data to key stakeholders.

Across from the new Please Touch Museum in West Philadelphia stands one of the city’s only substance abuse treatment facilities that allows women to enroll with their children.

Many parents and children view the beginning of the school year as a fresh start. It also offers a great time to catch up on children’s routine health examinations to ensure they start the new school year on the right foot. PHMC’s Community Health Data Base has fresh data from the 2008 Southeastern Pennsylvania (SEPA) Household Health Survey examining routine childhood screenings.

As the economy affects more and more people, affordable, accessible health care continues to be one of the foremost topics on consumers’ minds.

School Partnership Offers Academic and Health Resources

Every day, thousands of Philadelphia youth throughout the city can receive academic tutoring, college preparation assistance, healthy snacks and extracurricular activities through Out-of-School Time (OST), a city initiative that offers after-school and summer programs to more than 20,000 Philadelphia youth and their families..