DIRECTIONS Spring 2010

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In October, PHMC hosted the launch of Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal, the first regional web-based journal focusing on social innovation and social entrepreneurs.

Thirty-five-year-old Menton Murray started working at PHMC affiliate The Bridge almost four years ago as a mental health technician. When he saw his supervisor, Terrant Morrison, enroll and successfully complete Jobs to Careers, an educational and professional development program designed for frontline staff, he was inspired to do the same.

In the world of public health, what does it take to be prepared? That is a question we ask—and find new and innovative ways to answer—every day at PHMC.

Q&A with Vanessa Briggs, Executive Director, Health Promotion Council

directions_flu-shot_thWhen Americans first started reporting cases of H1N1 in March 2009, government officials swiftly responded. In Pennsylvania, Public Health Management Corporation was on the forefront of the battle against H1N1. PHMC helped coordinate county and regional level emergency preparedness initiatives, collaborated with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to hire emergency preparedness staff and administered the H1N1 vaccine at clinics throughout Philadelphia.