DIRECTIONS Summer/Fall 2010

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In May, PHMC received a contract from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) to serve as the Southeast Regional Key (SERK) for its Pennsylvania Early Learning Keys to Quality initiative, a statewide quality improvement program targeting childcare providers.

Eleven students in the Homeless Teen Education Project participated in PHMC’s “The Phrase that Pays” Black History Month essay contest, selecting one of 10 provided quotes, identifying its author and writing a 300-word essay inspired by the chosen phrase.

President Obama signed healthcare reform into law on Tuesday, March 23. For this issue of DIRECTIONS, we asked PHMC and affiliate employees: “What does passing healthcare reform mean to you?”

As Targeted Solutions supports organizations in the process of growing and changing to meet new challenges and realities, we also continuously expand and enhance our services to meet our clients’ needs.

This summer, PHMC’s Community Health Data Base (CHDB) fields its 2010 Southeastern Pennsylvania
Household Health survey, providing an opportunity to measure some of the earliest regional effects of changes in access to care resulting from healthcare reform.