DIRECTIONS Summer/Fall 2010

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PHMC’s work—as extensive and comprehensive as it is—focuses on the public health needs of the region. Yet we remain very much plugged into the national trends that unquestionably affect our work.

directions_flu-shot_thLast spring, Peniquia “Pinky” Russell called PHMC affiliate Linda Creed with a desperate request. She had a lump in her breast that had tripled in size within the span of a month and she was not sure what to do next. “I didn’t have any insurance at the time,” recalls the 29-year-old. “When I first called Linda Creed, they asked me if I had a primary doctor. But because I didn’t have health insurance, I would go to free clinics, but only if I had to, not for routine checkups.” Donna Duncan, executive director of Linda Creed, comes across clients like Russell everyday—women whose status as uninsured and underinsured patients prevents them from receiving regular, much-needed care.