We introduced PHMC’s new strategic plan and structure in the last issue of Public Health Directions. Now, you get a chance to dig in more deeply to strategy at PHMC—something we call “strategy for all stakeholders.”

We are effective because, in all we do, we strive to consider and deliver to all the players. I’ve written here before about our win-win outlook, and considering every stakeholder’s role in our strategy fully embodies that perspective.

Who are those stakeholders?

Our employees are the 1,400 people who go out there every day to meet our clients’ needs. You’ll read about all we do to attract, retain and develop our employees, with a commitment to equity, opportunity and growth.

Those 1,400 folks come to work each day because of our clients. Learn about the cutting-edge initiatives to help ensure we know our clients, understand their situations, and refer them to the many PHMC services that can wrap around their needs. We know that the more our clients tap into PHMC, the more we can strategically respond to give them the full benefit of PHMC’s capabilities, so we are building new and innovative ways to give them easy access to our network of services.

The myriad organizations with which we work comprise our partners. In our Targeted Solutions column, we discuss how our portfolio of technical assistance capabilities represents—as a whole—the strategic foundation for an organization’s infrastructure. And our Community Health Data Base feature brings you four stories from partners who use our data to enhance their strategic work.

Finally, the organization as a whole is a stakeholder, represented by the structure that helps move PHMC forward. PHMC has a new organizational chart, but it’s not about how it looks on paper. It’s about a team that’s designed to respond effectively to meet our goals and make our mission come to life. When you read our cover story, and the accompanying interview with our Chief Strategy Officer Tine Hansen-Turton, you’ll get of sense of how this all comes together.

If you are reading this, you are one of our stakeholders, which means that you are a part of our strategy. Thank you for the critical role you play in helping PHMC do so much for so many.

Yours in public health,


Richard J. Cohen, PhD, FACHE
President and CEO of PHMC