Through PHMC's strategic planning process, staff and stakeholders recognized that expanding service lines and programs dedicated to children

and youth would further the organization's program network. This past Spring PHMC welcomed Turning Points for Children, an accredited human services agency, into the affiliate family. Turning Points for Children provides critical resources, life skills and supportive partnerships to vulnerable youth who may be at risk for abuse or neglect. The agency's work also includes teaching parenting skills to teen and adult parents and relative caregivers, as well as strengthening families through an evidenced-based, after-school program in 30 public and charter elementary and middle schools in Philadelphia. Since 2011, through its Family Finding program, Turning Points for Children has been the sole organization in Philadelphia that connects children who have been placed in foster care with relatives they've lost contact with and who can be an important, supportive resource for them. Turning Points for Children helps families raise safe, healthy, educated and strong kids.

The City of Philadelphia is focused on Improving Outcomes for Children by establishing Community Umbrella Agencies, offering stronger coordination of services for youth and families involved in the child welfare system. Turning Points for Children was recently identified as a Community Umbrella Agency.

Turning Points for Children's affiliation with PHMC makes strategic sense: Turning Points for Children brings direct experience in providing high-quality outcomes in child welfare services and parenting education, and PHMC brings its legacy of managing large, complex health and human service challenges, often as an intermediary.

The affiliation strengthens both organizations' missions and helps both organizations better serve the Philadelphia community by integrating programs and services to serve children and families in early childhood education, family treatment therapy and primary care and behavioral health. As with all PHMC affiliations, Turning Points for Children benefits from economies of scale and new opportunities for staff career advancement, professional development and training.

"The affiliation is helping Turning Points for Children and PHMC expand our reach and improve outcomes to vulnerable children and families by providing comprehensive prevention and intervention services like behavioral health, primary care and other health and wellness services," said Mike Vogel, CEO, Turning Points for Children, and Managing Director, Children and Family Social Services.