Lisa Bond is the Managing Director of Research and Evaluation, overseeing a diverse portfolio of research, program evaluation and technical assistance projects conducted at the local, state and national levels. The Research and Evaluation Group at PHMC is dedicated to high-quality, objective research that informs public health policy and decision-making, and improves best practice delivery. Lisa also serves as the Administrator of PHMC's Institutional Review Board (IRB) where she is responsible for managing the IRB review process for all proposed research involving human subjects at PHMC and its subsidiaries.

Lisa's research interests are primarily focused on addressing the social causes and consequences of human behavior that lead to HIV/STD infection among marginalized populations. She has published in peer reviewed literature on issues pertaining to identity and HIV risk among gay and bisexual men, personal and structural barriers to HIV testing and the HIV prevention needs of incarcerated women. In 2011, she received the Outstanding HIV/AIDS Researcher award from the University of Pennsylvania Center for AIDS Research.

Lisa has a Ph.D. in Sociology from Temple University.