Sara Molina Robinson is the Managing Director of Social Services, overseeing PHMC's ChildLink and PersonLink programs. She is responsible for program productivity, expense and revenue. Since 1992, Sara has served as a dedicated member of the public health community, specializing in the needs of children with developmental delays and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and supports to their families. Her expertise in this field and her tireless work in the development and management of program components ensure high quality services, efficiency, sustainability and growth of these programs.

Sara works with community partners, political leaders and the business community to create awareness, and opportunities that increase wellness and quality of life. Under Sara’s leadership, the PersonLink integrated employment initiative was implemented and is the first of its kind for any Pennsylvania Supports Coordination Organization. Sara has served in several leadership positions on the Philadelphia Interagency Coordinating Council (PICC), including serving as its co-chair. Sara earned a B.S. from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia and a master's degree in Nonprofit Management from Eastern University.