Richard Cohen, PHMC's President and CEO, has authored a guest commentary in the Philadelphia Business Journal titled "How physical office space can drive cultural change." In examining the cultural transformation that occurs when a company invests in its workplace, Cohen writes, "A physical environment can truly shape the way in which employees accomplish their jobs."

Focusing on ideas such as collaboration, creativity and communication, Cohen describes how the headquarters' open design promotes innovation and working together among employees.

Cohen writes, "When there are many opportunities for people to see each other and physically move around a workspace conversations happen, new ideas are born and relationships are enhanced." Cohen also notes the importance of natural light, lounge-like seating areas and private meeting spaces, as well as the role of the headquarters' prominent internal staircase and amenities such as the café.

Along with the physical space, Cohen discusses the change management and communications activities PHMC pursued to ensure leaders and employees were fully engaged in the relocation process. By covering the full range of issues involved, the article offers a roadmap for other organizations considering a significant workplace transformation. When a physical environment supports an organization's ideals and benefits all its employees, Cohen writes, "That's the ultimate dream!"

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