The Community Health Data Base (CHDB), a PHMC resource, recently launched a re-designed, user-friendly website with easy access to new data findings and useful data tools for members.

Did you know that 12.2% of adults ages 18 to 64 in Southeastern Pennsylvania (SEPA) are uninsured and 11.2% of all adults are without a regular source of care? Or were you aware that 18.2% of adults in the SEPA region currently smoke?

For data findings such as these, the CHDB is a critical resource for area health and social services agendas, empowering them to evaluate their economic and social return on investment at each stage of program development and implementation.

A central component of the CHDB is the Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey, one of the longest running regional Household Health Survey in the country. The survey is administered every two years to more than 10,000 households. The CHDB also maintains and disseminates US Census and Pennsylvania vital statistics data. The CHDB is unique as it provides up-to-date and reliable local data rather than extrapolations of national or state data, can be examined at different levels of geography and can be used as a baseline to measure changes in health, social status and access to care over time.
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