PHMC and Coordinated Care Network (CCN) have partnered to open a pharmacy at PHMC Care Clinic, giving patients more direct access to their prescriptions. PHMC and CCN hope to increase medication adherence, delivering improved patient outcomes and lower overall costs.
The new pharmacy, owned and operated by CCN, will support more than 3,000 patients who currently receive services at PHMC Care Clinic.

"According to PHMC's Community Health Data Base 2015 Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey, one in seven adults didn't fill a prescription due to cost in the past year," said Melissa Fox, Senior Managing Director, PHMC Health Services.

Care Clinic is one of five health centers in the PHMC health network, which offers affordable, high-quality, patient-centered health services to communities throughout the Philadelphia area, including public housing populations and individuals experiencing homelessness.

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