Health Promotion Council's (HPC) new strategic transformation report describes how the organization, a PHMC affiliate, has built upon its foundation while transforming its strategic focus over the past three years.

HPC's origins as a direct services provider made a significant impact on how diverse populations are managing disease and changing individual behavior. But as Vanessa Briggs, HPC's Executive Director, writes in the report's introductory letter, "That is not enough to foster environments that promote health and improve health outcomes."

In response, HPC has taken a long-term view by embarking on work involving policy, system and environmental change to complement its direct services programming. For example, HPC shifted its efforts to address obesity from a direct education approach in schools and community sites to an environmental one through the creation of a set of Healthy Living Guidelines for nutrition and physical activity within after-school programs throughout Philadelphia. The guidelines impact approximately 200 programs serving 20,000 youth.

Read the report to learn more about other successful HPC programs.