The Delaware Public Health Institute (DPHI) is conducting its first Household Health Survey. Founded in 2014, DPHI is a partnership between PHMC and the University of Delaware’s College of Health Sciences.

The telephone survey of 2,500 randomly selected households includes topics such as personal health behavior, access to care, preventive screenings and adverse childhood experiences.

The Delaware Household Health Survey is the first privately funded health survey in the state. The sample size will provide data that can be analyzed below the county level to the zip code level. As a result, differences in residents’ health and behaviors will be reflected across smaller areas, such as the city of Wilmington and its surrounding neighborhoods. The Household Health Survey results will be collected in a database and will allow organizations to identify unmet needs, address population-level health disparities and track changes in health over time.

“Adding the Delaware survey data to what we have learned from managing PHMC’s Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey puts our organization in unique position to better understand the crucial issues impacting a large portion of the tri-state area,” says Francine Axler, executive director of the Delaware Public Health Institute. “Our work allows us to better inform organizations throughout this region in developing more effective public health programs."