Turning Points for Children, a PHMC affiliate, opened the doors to its new Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) 9 location at 39th and Market Street, serving clients in the 12th, 18th and 77th police districts in West and Southwest Philadelphia. Based on PHMC Headquarters’ plan of open offices and collaborative workspaces, this new CUA 9 office is designed to encourage partnership, efficiency and creativity among employees. As a long-standing innovator in the field of public health, PHMC has taken this same vision and spirit into the workspace, blending forward-thinking design concepts with the needs of a modern workforce. At PHMC, it’s not just about where we work, but also how we work. There are approximately 110 work stations, 10 visitation rooms for clients, privacy and collaboration rooms, and conference rooms. Working with a mission to strengthen families and keep children safe, the CUA 9 staff already sees the advantages. “It’s easier to solve issues quickly when you have the community engagement outreach, case managers, visitation coaches and other staff all in one area,” says Scott Eldredge, CUA 9 Director. “There is no communication or time lag to service the family.”