Real Rap Philly (RRP) is a campaign by PHMC's Philadelphia Area Sexual Health Initiative (PASHI), a program within Health Promotion Services, and includes a compilation of adolescent sexual and reproductive health PHMC programs. Real Rap Philly targets youth ages 12 to 24 in the Greater Philadelphia area to get “real” about their sexual health and take control. Philadelphia is one of the top cities in the nation with high sexually transmitted infections (STI) infection rates and teen pregnancy affecting youth ages 12 to 24. RRP empowers youth to start the right conversations with their partners, parents and peers. Through the RRP website, youth can find information on youth-friendly testing sites, free condoms, facts about STIs and teen pregnancy prevention (TPP) as well as programs and events going on in Philadelphia that allow real conversations − “real rap” − about sex.

PASHI is committed to expanding TPP and STI evidence-based prevention programs by developing and rigorously evaluating new and innovative prevention interventions, working with youth directly on community-based approaches, providing capacity building and technical assistance to community partners, and establishing linkages and referrals to clinical care to youth throughout Philadelphia.

The ad campaign strategically focuses on the root causes of risky behavior, addresses real-life barriers and inspires behavior change by encouraging youth to talk about the issues they are facing. The ads, which you can view here, are on bus shelters throughout the city.

RRP becomes the umbrella brand for PHMC’s current portfolio of reproductive and sexual health programs such as Plain Talk, Chrome 2 Color, Preventing AIDS through Live Music and Sound (PALMS), Community Approaches to Reducing Sexually Transmitted Diseases (CARS) Project, Sisters Informing Healing Living & Empowering (SIHLE), The Hype and Be-Hip.

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