Focus on Fathers is a program from PHMC affiliate Health Promotion Council (HPC) that aims to develop and implement an intensive case management and parenting education program to help fathers better parent their children.

Research from the National Conference of State Legislatures found that men are often "unsure of what is expected of them as men, partners and fathers" and assume their families are "better off without them." Focus on Fathers addresses this feeling of inadequacy by empowering fathers as parents. The program provides resources to help men better understand the importance of fatherhood and the impact fathers have on the lives of their children.

The program includes 13 parenting sessions over the course of six months, with the last two classes allowing a co-parent/significant other to attend. Following these sessions, participants can move into an eight-week employment development course. In addition, a 12-week co-parenting course is available as well.

The ads for the campaign will be strategically placed on bus shelters near target populations throughout the city. The ads can be viewed here.

Focus on Fathers was previously a program of Resources for Children’s Health, a former PHMC affiliate, and was the only federally-funded fatherhood program in Philadelphia. The new campaign led by HPC will continue to improve the lives of fathers and their children by promoting greater engagement, stronger communications across co-parents and improved levels of accountability and responsibility that cut across all aspects of life in order to provide men with an identifiable path toward becoming a role model in the lives of their children.