Call the PHMC Health Network at 855.887.9229 to get vaccinated!

PHMC is providing a comprehensive response to the Hepatitis outbreak with awareness, vaccinations, outreach efforts for vulnerable populations and regular clinical bulletins for health care providers.
PHMC outreach efforts include screenings, education and referrals at shelters and outside the Office of Homeless Services (OHS) for early detection and prevention.

Anyone can walk into PHMC’s federally qualified health centers (FQHC) and receive a Hepatitis A (Hep A) vaccination to help prevent infection. . The Hep A vaccine is typically given twice over six months, and even a single dose can be significantly effective in preventing an infection.

PHMC is working collaboratively with shelter nurses, the Philadelphia Department of Health Vaccine and Diseases Control Division, as well as the Office of Supportive Housing (OHS), PHMC to educate individuals on where they can receive their Hep A vaccine. PHMC will make all referrals to OHS for follow-up support after initial counseling connections are made during in-takes.

Call 855.887.9229 if you know someone who needs screening or a Hepatitis A vaccination.