“Our mission is only achieved when there is equity for all.”

On behalf of our entire organization, I join in the outrage of George Floyd’s tragic murder and share in the anger of the countless other senseless deaths of people of color. PHMC joins in solidarity with the many protestors and acknowledges that these efforts are representative of our country’s long-standing inequities. Racism should not and cannot be tolerated.

At a time when so many are suffering in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tangible and painful reality of institutional racism as a public health crisis weighs on us heavily. It also reminds us how critically important our work is. As an organization focused on public health, equity and justice, we must work together as one PHMC community to help, support and heal. Through our diverse public health work, we have an opportunity to contribute to systemic change, redouble our efforts to bridge divides and ensure we sustain a safe, inclusive and supportive space for all – our employees, participants and the communities we serve.

PHMC’s work in this area is ongoing, and we’re committed to doing more, in collaboration with our employees and partners. As we work on ways to do just that, PHMC is ready to support our employees, our participants and our communities.

For nearly 50 years, we’ve had a single mission: to build and sustain healthy communities. Our mission is only achieved when there is equity for all. 

Yours in public health,

Richard J. Cohen, Ph.D., FACHE
President and CEO
Public Health Management Corporation