Throughout February, PHMC is promoting Black History Month through an offering of information and events designed to educate, build awareness and engage employees.

Panel discussions examining multiracial viewpoints and stereotyping and tackling racism as a public health issue are the centerpieces of the month. These events, combined with weekly informational emails highlighting achievements in Black history serve to educate PHMC employees on the significant contributions made by Black people throughout history, while simultaneously shining a light on the ongoing implications of historic – and current – racism in our country and communities.

PHMC is committed to doing more to encourage diversity, achieve equity and foster an environment of inclusion. Through our collective diverse public health work, we have an opportunity to contribute to systemic change and redouble our efforts to bridge divides. For nearly 50 years, PHMC has had a single mission: to create and sustain healthier communities. Our mission is only achieved when there is equity for all.