On September 9, 2008, Mayor Nutter accompanied by Dr. Arlene Ackerman, the CEO of the School District of Philadelphia, visited the E3 Power Center, which is operated by The Bridge, an affiliate of PHMC, and under contract with the Philadelphia Youth Network. At the event, the Mayor outlined his vision for a new partnership for education in Philadelphia.

The E3 Power Center educates out-of-school youth and young offenders. During his visit, Mayor Nutter outlined his vision for a new partnership for education in Philadelphia. He also discussed reducing the city's drop-out rate and toured the youth center's new facility, which encompasses computer labs, a music recording studio, several classrooms and art murals painted by area youth and students.

Located in West Philadelphia, the E3 Power Center-- the Es stand for education, employment and empowerment--gives teens that have dropped out of school or are involved with the juvenile justice system new opportunities for education, life skills and occupational training and employment. The center also offers specialized services for young offenders returning to the community from juvenile placement facilities. The West Philadelphia location is one of five E3 Power Centers overseen by the Philadelphia Youth Network and is located at 4111 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

About Philadelphia Youth Network

Philadelphia Youth Network's (PYN) vision is that Philadelphia's young people will take their rightful places as full and contributing members of a world-class workforce for the region. As a catalyst for collective action, the Philadelphia Youth Network makes connections among individuals, organizations and systems. We increase capacity and resources in order to provide world-class preparation so our City's youth can thrive in a regional and global economy. PYN is the managing partner for WorkReady Philadelphia, Project U-Turn and the E3Power Centers.  For more information on PYN, visit www.pyninc.org.