Currently, Home Health Assessment Program (HHA) completes rapid, high-quality in-home behavioral health and medical assessments for persons who have been on welfare for four years or more (E-TANF). The program's focus is to correctly identify and diagnose barriers to employment and provide a recommendation to the County Assistance Office (CAO). Clients must voluntarily request these assessments from their CAO workers.

HHA strives to provide convenient, in-home, behavioral health and medical assessments, empower E-TANF clients to address barriers to gainful employment and to improve quality of life through treatment, support and employment.

Licensed nurse practitioners and behavioral health staff complete an in-home evaluation for any behavioral health, substance use or medical issue that may need to be addressed. The results of the assessments determine which services may be needed and recommendations based on it are given to CAO staff. As a next step, HHA connects E-TANF clients to treatment options for their medical, behavioral health, substance abuse issues and with Jewish Employment Vocational Services (JEVS) for work readiness training. Alternatively, clients may be assigned to the Disability Advocate Program (DAP) for social security benefits.

Currently, HHA is expanding our in home assessment services and can offer a tailor made package for medical assessment, behavioral health assessment and/or case management services for your program. Our assessments provide clinical information that can assist clients to connect with treatment providers, to remain in the community, to decrease Emergency Room and inpatient hospitalizations, thus decreasing unnecessary expenditures and improving the clients' recovery potential. Engaging clients in the community is a best practice to capture people who need care and are not engaged in care.

These assessments can be used post discharge from 24 hour facility when a client is transitioning to a lower level of care or before discharge to identify barriers to recovery goals. The focus of these assessments is on medical behavioral integration which addresses the entire individual as a whole and not just focusing on symptom management.

Should you have questions about the program or how to help your clients take part in it, please contact HHA Project Director Ted Bunch at 215.985.2593.