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November 3, 2008
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Linda Creed Awarded American Cancer Society's Project Award

PHILADELPHIA -Linda Creed, an affiliate of Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), was recently awarded the American Cancer Society's Project Award for their program "A Day in the Life of the Breast Cancer Research Laboratory...A Workshop for Breast Cancer Advocates."

"A Day in the Life underscores the importance of a grassroots network of volunteers to the success of American Cancer Society initiatives," explains Marie DeStefano, RN, president, American Cancer Society Southeast Region. "Linda Creed's workshop experience provided education about the research process that will strengthen the participant's voices on behalf of the cancer community."

The American Cancer Society's Project Award acknowledges the outstanding contributions of a group of volunteers who have implemented a program in one of their priority areas of mission delivery and/or mission support. The award was presented to Linda Creed at the Society's annual celebration on October 16.

The "A Day in the Life..." program, a collaboration between Linda Creed and Fox Chase Cancer Center, recently brought breast cancer survivors to a research lab where they learned about tissue collection, histology, cell culture, RNA isolation and cRNA Microarray/Analysis. Donna Duncan, executive director of Linda Creed, explains, "Advocates are key stakeholders in the research of breast cancer and need to be included in research and policy decisions. This program was a hands-on experience that provided insight into that complex cancer research process.

Linda Creed's participants donned white lab coats and spent much of their day exploring various aspects of breast cancer research. "A Day in the Life..." also included tours of the non-invasive imaging facility and the Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA microarray facility. At the end of the day participants did a full presentation about what they learned and the conclusions they arrived at based on the data in their scientific research.

"Based on the initial success of the program, we've held two additional workshops this fall, including one in Spanish," says Duncan.

Kim Hagerich, one of Linda Creed's program volunteers, was chosen for her commitment to the issue of legislative advocacy for breast cancer research. "Through the A Day in the Life workshop, I learned how time consuming and expensive research can be. It was also very empowering to work with world renowned scientists. This workshop will make me a better advocate and help me explain the need for the increased research funding needed to eradicate breast cancer."

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About Linda Creed
Linda Creed, an affiliate of Public Health Management Corporation, was formed in 1987 to educate women about breast cancer's signs and symptoms. Today, in addition to education, Linda Creed carries out it mission by providing direct services in the form of free mammograms and diagnostic tests for women with little or no medical insurance, directed to services they do qualify for, and by offering financial assistance for women undergoing breast cancer treatment. As a national advocate, Linda Creed looks to the future by working with researchers, legislators, and policy makers in funding and shaping long term solutions to breast cancer.