March 25, 2009
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National Breast Cancer Coalition Funds Linda Creed through Grant

PHILADELPHIA- Linda Creed was recently awarded one of the National Breast Cancer Coalition's (NBCCF) 2009 Programmatic Capacity Building Grant. The $20,000 award will help Linda Creed expand its advocacy activities throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

"In its 22-year history, Linda Creed has been at the forefront of advocacy largely through unpaid volunteers, passionate about the cause," said Donna Duncan, executive director of Linda Creed. "Volunteer advocates have helped carry out legislative goals identified by NBCC and volunteers recruited through Linda Creed sit on many review panels and continue the fight to keep important research funded - year after year." Duncan went on to explain that this award will expand the agency's current advocacy efforts by putting "boots on the ground."

With this funding, Linda Creed will also have the means to hold workshops and training sessions, and solidify networks with local advocates, researchers, social workers, support groups, and other service providers throughout the state.

Linda Creed is among 14 national organizations to receive the $20,000 NBCCF grant, which is funded by the Breast Cancer Fund of National Philanthropic Trust as part of a $190,000 Best Practices in Breast Cancer Advocacy Awards Program. "We are excited to make this opportunity available to Linda Creed for their difficult and important work to help in our mission to end breast cancer," said Frances M. Visco, president of NBCCF. "I am confident they will use the grant to continue programs that will have a lasting impact on systems of research, access and/or public policy."

Founded in 1987, Linda Creed, an affiliate of Public Health Management Corporation, carries out it mission by providing direct services in the form of free mammograms and diagnostic tests for women with little or no medical insurance, navigation to services they do qualify for, and by offering financial assistance for women undergoing breast cancer treatment. As a national advocate, Linda Creed looks to the future by working with researchers, legislators and policy makers in funding and shaping long term solutions to breast cancer.

"This has been a remarkable year for Linda Creed!" said Duncan. "While we work hard to educate women about breast cancer's signs and symptoms in the Philadelphia region, we are growing on a state and national level." Duncan believes the NBCCF award helps ensure Linda Creed's incredible growth. "We are so honored by this recognition and are proud to work with the NBCCF, as we are mutually dedicated to end breast cancer through support and advocacy-locally and nationally."

Linda Creed, in the midst of an exciting year, recently announced its new, shortened name (formerly Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation) and tagline: Fighting Breast Cancer with Heart. The award comes just as Linda Creed unveils its new look to the public.


About The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund
The National Breast Cancer Coalition is a grassroots membership organization dedicated to ending breast cancer through the power of action and advocacy. Along with the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, its research and education arm, NBCC's main goals are: to promote research into the cause of, and optimal preventive and treatment interventions for, breast cancer through increased federal funding, fostering of innovation and collaborative approaches, and improved accountability; to improve access to quality breast cancer care for all women, from screening through diagnosis, treatment and care, particularly for the underserved and uninsured, through legislation and change in systems of delivery of health care; and to educate and empower women and men as advocates, increasing the involvement and influence of those living with breast cancer and other breast cancer activists wherever and whenever breast cancer decisions are made. Please visit for more information.