All of the following criminal justice and other court-related treatment initiatives are directed by the Office of Addiction Services (OAS) of the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health. The goal for the criminal justice treatment initiatives is to enhance community safety by reducing criminal recidivism due to substance abuse and mental illness through the provision of behavioral health treatment and related services under criminal justice supervision as an alternative to incarceration. The Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) provides the following services through the Clinical Evaluation Unit (CEU): clinical evaluation, which includes level of care determination in accordance with medical necessity criteria; authorization from funding source; client placement in specific treatment programs at the indicated level of care; case management; community service; information management; and administrative support. For more information regarding any of these programs, please contact: Laurie Corbin, Director, CEU, at 215.790.2428 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Forensic Intensive Recovery (FIR)

The Forensic Intensive Recovery (FIR) Program is a prison deferral initiative that offers eligible criminal offenders substance abuse treatment in lieu of incarceration. PHMC is responsible for operating the Clinical Evaluation Unit, which evaluates eligible criminal offenders for chemical dependency; refers them to community based providers for residential, intensive outpatient and regular outpatient treatment services; and provides case management services for FIR program participants. The Office of Addiction Services (OAS) of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health funds this program. All clients must be referred through the Defender's Association of Philadelphia. The IPP is a direct seeking program, in lieu of incarceration and all referrals must come through the Defender's Association of Philadelphia.

In November 1993, the FIR Program was implemented as a response to a 1991 federal consent decree, which required the City of Philadelphia to provide a minimum of 250 substance abuse treatment slots. FIR provides community-based substance abuse treatment and support services through early parole and re-parole of the sentenced population in custody in the Philadelphia Prison System. The program also coordinates services for offenders convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

FIR Programs Include:

  • DUI Treatment Court
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Court
  • Juvenile Treatment Court
  • Intermediate Punishment and Parole
  • Philadelphia Treatment Court
  • Community Court
  • Youth Violence Reduction Partnership (YVRP)
  • Family Court

For more information please visit the FIR website: