PHMC Health Center at Temple, a PHMC program, officially opened its doors on May 1 and offers patients a host of services, including primary and behavioral health care, family planning and chronic disease management. Appointments and walk-ins are welcomed. The new center is located onsite at Temple Hospital, adjacent to its emergency department (ED).

“Expanding our services to include onsite care adjacent to Temple’s ED enables us to positively influence how and when patients obtain emergency care,” said Michelle Williams, Senior Managing Director, PHMC Integrated Health Services. “We’re excited about this unique partnership and look forward to providing area residents with immediate access to high quality care.”

In a letter from Temple University Hospital President and CEO Dr. Verdi DiSesa to hospital staff, Dr. SiSesa wrote, “PHMC knows our community and the burdens that its members face, both clinical and non-clinical. They combine over four decades of experience with a broad array of programs spanning behavioral health/recovery, chronic disease management and prevention, tobacco control, obesity prevention, early intervention, HIV/AIDS, violence intervention, homeless health services, parenting supports for families, and much more, plus research and evaluation expertise that help them assess and target health interventions effectively. We could not have chosen a better partner for this mutually beneficial initiative to enhance the care experience of our patients.”

The PHMC health network has six health centers that are recognized as patient-centered medical homes, which means that you not only get the benefit of quality care, but you also have a team of care experts who organize care around your needs. Using technology and a modern clinical setting, our clinical teams work with specialists, hospitals, social services, behavioral health programs, housing providers and more to fully support you. "Beyond Care" is the PHMC health network's commitment to offering a holistic, patient-centered approach to quality care.