The Linda Creed Patient Assistance Fund fights breast cancer with heart by providing non-medical financial assistance to women facing day-to-day hardships while undergoing breast cancer treatment.

It’s simple

Breast cancer treatment should not resultin evictions, utilities shut offs or childcare worries. But too often it does, because treatment affects household income.

It’s Easy

For a Patient Assistance Fund application, please contact Linda Creed at 1.877.99.CREED or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your assistance application will be reviewed, determined and kept confidential by the Patient Assistance Fund Committee.

It makes a difference

“ I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the financial assistance…. During this challenging and painful time, it is upliftingto see that your wonderful organizationis willing to help someone like me. Your generosity has gone a long way and Iwill forever be grateful.” – G. F.

“ I appreciate beyond my ability to thank you … for the financial assistance.It got me out of a rough personal jam and there by stopped the process of my electric from being cut off. ... There will always belove in my thoughts of [Linda Creed].” – T. C.

“ I am writing to thank you for the … check you sent to me. I was so depressed, crying and counting change out for milk earlier that morning. And wondering just how much worse things can get for me and my family. ... When I opened your letter my jaw dropped and I cried so much – it is so touching that others care.” – S. W.

“ Thank you so much. …This was so kind ofyou and it means the world to me. ...I have three growing kids and it has been so hard! Thanks again!” – R.I.

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