Richard Cohen, PHMC's President and CEO, was featured in the December 22 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer's "The Leadership Agenda," a business executive profile that runs regularly.

Cohen was asked about his financial model for running a successful nonprofit and the reasons behind the design of PHMC's new headquarters.

"One of my core philosophies is that a not-for-profit is a business," Cohen said in the Q&A. "I don't make money from it. We do it for another reason and we have to come out ahead."

Regarding the office design, Cohen offered his core motivation: "Everything we are doing is trying to drive people to talk to each other." He explained that increasing communication is good for each employee personally and also good for the overall organization.

In an online-only companion piece, Cohen opened up about a family tragedy during his college days and how the terrible events ultimately taught him lessons about becoming a leader.

Click to read the full interview and the companion piece from The Inquirer's "Jobbing" blog.