Since 1971, The Bridge has helped over 10,000 people challenged by addictions. The primary goal of The Bridge is to provide quality, accessible treatment while preparing clients to re-enter their communities as drug-and alcohol-free members of society. The Bridge is a subsidiary organization of PHMC.

The Bridge understands that individuals who have become dependent on alcohol and/or other drugs usually experience many other problems. Our treatment philosophy stresses a holistic approach; interventions focus on treating the addiction, its underlying causes, and related dysfunctions.

The Bridge offers a range of services designed to meet the needs of persons of all ages with addiction-related issues. The program serves adolescents from neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia, the suburban counties and the state of Delaware. The Bridge offers long- and short-term residential programs for up to 38 adolescents and outpatient counseling for children, adolescents and adults. Individualized treatment plans are created to meet clients' needs and clients have access to the comprehensive addictions, mental health, educational and life skills services provided at The Bridge.

For more information contact:

Karl Wiggins
Deputy Director of Adolescent Services
The Bridge

1100 Adams Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19124

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