Asbestos Control Program

PHMC assists the Air Management Services (AMS) Unit of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health with the implementation of Philadelphia's Asbestos Control statute and regulations. Working in cooperation with AMS, PHMC developed and conducts training and refresher courses for Asbestos Project Inspectors; designed, implemented and manages the certification and recertification process for Asbestos Project Inspectors, asbestos abatement contractors, asbestos analytical laboratories, and Asbestos Investigators; and developed and maintains the management information system which supports these certification activities. PHMC also is responsible for the development and distribution of informational materials and brochures for the public and for individuals and organizations affected by the Asbestos Control statute and its regulations.

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Richard Annunziato
Asbestos Program Manager
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For additional forms and applications, please visit the Air Management Services page on the City of Philadelphia's Department of Public Health page.