PersonLink is one of the agencies in Philadelphia that provides supports to individuals with a diagnosis of intellectual disabilities. PersonLink contracts with the Commonwealth's Department of Public Welfare Office of Developmental Programs.

The program, which began in July 2004, offers supports coordination services city-wide to persons with intellectual disabilities and operates the Special Offenders Program, an initiative that provides supports coordination to individuals with intellectual disabilities involved with the criminal justice system. PersonLink's mission is to support individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families by striving to provide the highest level of quality care. The program and its staff seek to empower individuals to make choices in identifying and receiving services and supports that will enhance their lives, promote dignity and further their independence.

PersonLink Supports Coordinators:

  • identify and locate services for individuals over the age of three with intellectual disabilities;
  • coordinate multiple services and providers for services and supports planned in the consumer's Individualized Service Plan (ISP); and
  • monitor the delivery of services to ensure quality of services and supports rendered.

Translation and interpretation services are available in Spanish, French, Russian, Asian and African dialects and American Sign Language.

PersonLink's main office is located in the heart of Philadelphia's Center City. You may reach us at:

Centre Square East
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 267.295.3800
Fax: 267.295.3855

To find out more about our services, please visit our website.